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5th Street Capital has selected PropertyRate as their preferred appraisal partner.

Ordering appraisals should not be a frustrating experience. Using PropertyRate as your appraisal partner will make your appraisal process easier and you will definitely notice the difference.

  • Customer Service - Call them anytime at 877-777-7283 or send an email to info@propertyrate.com. They're always ready to answer your questions and any staff member can give you a status -- you're not limited to one person! They feature fast turn-around times and secure payment after an order is placed. Any conditions or questions are also responded in a timely manner.
  • Compliance - Their knowledge and adherence to AIR (& HVCC) allows you to focus on your other loan quality compliance issues. They've already handled the appraisal compliance side for you and us.
  • Technology - Their technology keeps you and our team updated and in the loop at all times during the appraisal process. Once you register and login, you can start placing orders, checking status and picking up completed appraisals 24/7. You can also setup manager level access to view all appraisal orders for your entire office.

Thank you for choosing 5th Street Capital as your wholesale provider.
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